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My name is Alwin Ebermann. I am the server administrator of ldkf.de and a web developer since 2010. After finishing my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Munich, I moved to Aachen for Master's degree in Computer Engineering at RWTH Aachen in 2019. Professionally I worked a lot in DevOps and Cloud infrastructure. I'm also interested in technical and non-technical solutions to the imminent climate crisis. If my skills can be of any help in this area, please get in touch.

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High School

2009-2015 Gerhart-Hauptmann-Gymnasium Wismar
- Graduated with grade 1.3 with several awards (see below under Other Achievements)


2018 Australian National University
- Exchange semester, focused on Cyber Security and Wireless Communications


2016-2019 Technical University Munich
- BSc. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
- Final grade 1.4
- See Work for details about Bachelor's Thesis about GitOps Security


2019-2021 RWTH Aachen
- MSc. in Computer Engineering


Developed 2007-2013, this site provided content for school students in various subjects of Science and Mathematics. In the end it also provided a backend for everybody to add articles.

Used Techologies: PHP, CSS, XHTML, MySQL

I designed this website during my work experience in 2012 at the company aiDesigner for a client of them.

Used Technologies: PHP, CSS, XHTML, Contao CMS

Created in 2014 this is the central site of our group of friends around the web server behind ldkf.de, of which I am the main system administrator. It's based on the Contao CMS with multi-language support (German, English).

Used Technologies: PHP, CSS, XHTML, Contao CMS

This url shortener for all members of the ldkf.de group is a yourls-backend with a completely redesigned front-end created in 2014. Unfortunately it had to be shut down because of its popularity with spam bots.

Used Technologies: PHP, CSS, XHTML, Bootstrap CSS, Javascript, jQuery

In this project I created a webapp to have a better overview about my work performance and pay at a part-time job at teach-audio.

Used Technologies: PHP, CSS3, XHTML, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap CSS

This project was born out of the frustration that I couldn't scrobble the songs I heard on my favourite radio station to Last.fm. It would process the track information from different radio stations and submit them to Last.fm after the user selects a station in the browser.

Used Technologies: Python, PHP, CSS3, XHTML, MySQL, Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap CSS

You can log in to more and more services via Google or Facebook. This bot provides the functionality for developers to implement the same for the popular messenger Telegram

Two years later Telegram themselves started a similar service.

Used Technologies: PHP, CSS3, XHTML, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap CSS

With this bot you gain access to all course material uploaded to TU Munich's Moodle elearning platform directly from within your Messenger. This bot provides an explorer-like interface to browse courses and enables the user to receive notifications as soon as new content gets uploaded.

Since both the Australian National University and the RWTH Aachen use Moodle too, I forked it to work there as well.

Used Technologies: Python3, python-telegram-bot Framework, Telegram API

This Telegram bot gives you a quick and easy overview which meals are on offer in Munich's most popular canteens and is currently used by nearly 200 students.

Used Technologies: Python3, python-telegram-bot Framework, Telegram API

I created this bot to get easy and fast notifications about new posts on the famous German bargain community MyDealz. With this bot you can create and manage fine-grained notifications for tags, categories and prices. It has over 300 users.

Used Technologies: Python3, python-telegram-bot Framework, Telegram API

During my internship at MaibornWolff I extended this application to manage Apache Zeppelin instances in a DC/OS cluster. I implemented user management both for Zeppelin instances and Airfield, added backup options and redeploying of existing instances with different resources. I extended the Pyhon/Flask backend as well as the Vue.js frontend and adapters for DC/OS Marathon, Zeppelin and databases.

Used Technologies: Python3, Flask, Vue.js, Vuex, DC/OS Marathon API, Docker, etcd, Consul

In the last part of my internship at MaibornWolff I developed this DC/OS framework to manage HiveMQ clusters. An important focus was to implement a new node discovery plugin and allow reducing the number of nodes in the HiveMQ cluster gracefully. This has never been implemented in a DC/OS framework before and required modifications to the SDK framework itself. A modified version of this framework is distributed by HiveMQ themselves, unfortunately not open source.

Used Technologies: dcosdev, minidcos, DC/OS SDK, Java, HiveMQ Plugin Management, yaml

In my Bachelor's Thesis I found that the open source GitOps platform ArgoCD lacks only one important feature compared to the commercial Weave Cloud solution. That is watching a Docker registry and updating the GitOps repository with new image tags if new versions (which match certain conditions) are released for automatic deployments of new Docker images in Kubernetes based on GitOps definitions in a deployment repository. Bow fills this gap as independent operator, which can run alongside ArgoCD or separate as a binary, a Docker container or in Kubernetes. I forked it from Keel.sh, which does not connect to Git repositories.

Used Technologies: Golang, Kubernetes, yaml

Competitions & Other Achievements

Place 86/818 even though the competition is suited for students of class 9 to 13 and my team was in class 8 (incl. me) and 9.

Second place in the first participation for building a robot moving objects in corners of an area.

I participated in this competition by the German ministry of economy in February 2015 and my team won the first price against around 800 participants.

The price "Bestes Informatik-Abitur 2015" was awarded to me by the 'GI-Fachgruppe "Informatische Bildung in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern"', which is the association of computer science teachers in the federal state.

Both of these prices by the German Association of Physics were awarded to me for my exam in Physics.

At the first hackathon after moving to Munich my team reached the 3rd place and got a very good connection the some of Siemens' development departments.

This hackathon at Amazon Web Services office in Sydney CBD offered great insights into the Australian IT landscape.

For the development of a smart and responsive recommendations platform for the video streaming platform of the Bayerischer Rundfunk my team was awarded the scond place.


2012, work experience in the area of electrical engineering, experimenting with small robots and programming

2012, work experience during which I created the website gutshaus-kaltenhof.de. The developed version was online from 2012 to 2019, when it was updated to newer web technologies.

2013-2015, administration of all the school's computers including the main server (based on Open School Server), migrating most of the clients to Ubuntu Linux

2014-2015, audio editing of online study courses in the field of business law

2017-2018, working student in DevOps and IT infrastructure - That's server monitoring, Docker, Jenkins, OpenShift and many more technologies to speed up the deployment of Java Springboot applications in a secure and flexible way.

2019, internship in cloud infrastructure and general development - During this internship, I worked heavily with DC/OS, for which I created a framework to manage HiveMQ clusters within DC/OS as well as developed an application to access Kafka instances in the cluster and extended an application to manage Apache Zeppelin instances (see Projects for more information).

2019, Bachelor's Thesis about security of DevOps pipelines, particularly differences between push and pull pipelines (GitOps) - The final work of my Bachelor's Degree was the Bachelor's Thesis, where I evaluated the security of GitOps pipelines for the company iteratec. As part of that I developed the GitOps tool Bow (see Projects) to complement the open source GitOps platform ArgoCD. The supervising chair at the TU Munich graded my thesis as 1.0 ("very good"). See the full thesis here.

Contact Me

Feel free to message me if you want to get in contact or need information about my projects.

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